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About Us


What do you get when a poet marries a composer? A great team! It wasn't long after we met that we realized our passions, music and poetry, could be greater than the sum of their parts. On our fourth date, we went to an open mic, and since then we haven't looked back.  We hope you enjoy hearing our music and poetry as much as we enjoy creating it!

Brandy Ray Cobbs is a licensed social worker (LiCSW), poet, and mother of two terrific boys. Her poetry is partly inspired by the experiences in her caseload over the past 22 years as a social worker and partly inspired by those events in her own life, or in the lives of her family and friends.  She has also been a musician/worship leader for Cursillo and Kairos Outside ministries in Alabama. In addition to playing the guitar and Merlin dulcimer, she has recently begun working on her bucket-list goal of learning to play the cello.


Jerry Cobbs has been a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, choral director, and music teacher for most of his life.  His musical roots go back generations, from the Sacred Harp tunes sung by his grandparents, to his mother playing in a country western band, to singing with his family in a gospel group, to his own classical training. He draws on all these influences along with folk and Americana in his compositions and song tunes.

Wedding playing.jpg
What is that thing?

The instrument you see is a Merlin strummable dulcimer, made by Seagull Guitars.  It's one of our favorite instruments. Here you see us playing and singing "Appalachian Vows," which we wrote and arranged just for the Merlin, in our wedding.

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