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Comfort Lessons

Introducing "Comfort Lessons," poems by Brandy Ray Cobbs.  

Fear and hope know no boundaries, no race, no gender, no continent, no religion. They are the great equalizers. Lessons we learn from each other, from stories, from sharing and listening, help us all survive whatever life hurls at us. Sharing our own stories can help us and others around us strive to become more comfortable living in the skin in which we were born. Comfort Lessons is a dialogue between social worker and client, parent and child, survivor and perpetrator, between two co-workers, between two strangers, and between adult children and parents.


Available at the following locations:

RJ Wood Books, Lowe Mill

Out Loud HSV Studio, Lowe Mill

Little Professor Book Center, Homewood

Berkeley Bob's Coffee House, Cullman

Amazon Paperback

Amazon Kindle

Or buy from us in person and get a code for a free digital download of the CD!

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