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More Poetry by Brandy

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The Veil

Something about the music, the deep cello
vibrating in my bones, or perhaps 
it was the polished ribcage
of old growth trees holding the roof
in an arrow to heaven, or maybe 
it was the morning sunlight flickering 
through stained glass windows, 
dancing rainbows on the backs 
of unknowing parishioners. 

But for one moment in this beautiful place
I felt the veil thinning, a translucent 
membrane between my own home 
and my soul's destination. 
The veil between our busy world 
and the one that rests so silently, 
so patiently, beneath our soul’s heart, 
waiting for us to realize it is there.  

Perhaps, the way to our soul 
and to God, is not through the mind, 
but through our senses.  I vowed 
to remember this moment
as I whispered a silent “thank you.” 

Later, as the service ended
and the cacophony of shuffles 
brought me back to the present, 
I reluctantly allowed my mind 
to take over the helm.  

But somewhere in my soul’s ear, 
I could still hear

the music.  


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